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Mainstreaming Inclusive Growth


Atif Shafique

Research and policy consultant (former lead researcher for the Inclusive Growth Commission)

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Mainstreaming Inclusive Growth

This Framework and Toolkit has been produced by Atif Shafique, with input from IGN members, experts and the IGN team.

Over the past decade, local and combined authorities in the UK have achieved considerable progress in developing, promoting and operationalising inclusive models of economic growth. There remain significant challenges in where to begin, what to prioritise, and how to measure progress accurately.

This toolkit provides a practical framework to help places work towards ‘mainstreaming’ inclusive growth - that is, embedding inclusive growth as a cross-cutting set of priorities and considerations into the core business and main decision-making processes of a place.

It includes five strands of activity, which set out the practical steps that places can take to establish inclusive growth as an important driver of local policy and practice.

  1. Strategy and accountability provide a link between your vision and operational delivery, while also ensuring there is accountability for fostering inclusive growth.
  2. Measurement and implementation tools help to equip organisations and practitioners with the resources, data and technical competencies they need to embed inclusive growth priorities in decision-making.
  3. Shared capacity building provides the necessary support structures, governance and collective capabilities to ensure all relevant organisations and partners are able to make their contribution to mainstreaming inclusive growth.
  4. Interventions and programmes offer the most direct and visible means to turn inclusive growth objectives into impactful new practices.
  5. Organisational practice, culture and levers of change enable inclusive growth to become central to the cultural, behavioural, administrative and management structures of key organisations. This is vital for inclusive growth to become a long-term, sustainable agenda.

The toolkit sets out what good looks like, why these areas of focus are important for mainstreaming inclusive growth, core and further actions, questions to consider and good practice case studies.

It ends with a simple set of questions to help capture your reflections as you work through the toolkit with a table to record notes.

We will continue to work closely with members to mainstream inclusive growth, recognising that there is no quick fix and that this is a long-term process.


R35 - report cover

IGN report: Mainstreaming Inclusive Growth

A Framework and Toolkit to transform inclusive growth from theory to reality.

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