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IGN guide: inclusive growth in economic development

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Danielle Jackson

Head of Inclusive Growth Network

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Inclusive growth in economic development

This IGN guide has been authored by the IGN with contributions from the Centre for Progressive Policy, Metro Dynamics and North East LEP.

The integration of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) into local and combined authorities presents an opportunity to rethink how to build inclusive growth into economic development, business engagement and newly established business boards, considering prosperity and productivity.

In August 2023, Government published a letter on LEP integration stating that funding will cease from April 2024 and that LEP functions will be delivered by combined authorities or upper tier local authorities. We recognise that there are different arrangements across England and that IGN members in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have an altogether different model.

Practical guidance

This IGN guide presents high-level provocations and practical ideas for places across three aspects of economic development:

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IGN guide: inclusive growth in economic development

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