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Employment charters

This practical guide was informed by the experiences of IGN member places and produced by the Centre for Progressive Policy.

Good employment is a critical component of inclusive growth. It provides a platform that enables more people to contribute to and benefit from economic prosperity. The convening power of local and regional authorities makes them well-positioned to embed good employment standards across a local economy and this is often achieved through the development of employment charters.

Employment charters (sometimes referred to as pledges, standards or criteria) are voluntary membership or accreditation schemes that seek to influence employers and improve employment standards within a local economy.

This document provides guidance for local and combined authorities seeking to drive good employment standards across the local economy and provides some tips to support the development of a successful employment charter.

It covers:

  • Principles of good employment
  • Operationalising a good employment charter
  • Benefits to the local economy
  • Benefits to local employers
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reviewing charter progress

The guide complements ongoing IGN activity in this area, including a steering group of IGN officers across the UK who are leading charter initiatives in their places, and accompanies other resources such as CPP's report The good life: the role of employers.