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Greater Manchester’s Good Employment Charter

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Good employment charters are becoming common practice for local and combined authorities seeking to influence and support local employers to improve employment standards in their place. However, the process of designing and implementing an employment charter is complex and largely invisible, making it difficult to know where to start and what to do.

This workshop was led by Dr Sarah Crozier and marked the beginning of GMCA's IGN Member Spotlight Month which showcases their Good Employment Charter and its role in advancing the inclusive growth agenda in the region. The workshop focused on sharing practical insight into the successes and challenges around the development of Greater Manchester’s Good Employment Charter, introduced the GM Charter Toolkit, and stimulated discussion and learning across 12 IGN officers leading on charter initiatives in their place.

The GM Charter Toolkit

Greater Manchester Combined Authority have been working with Dr Sarah Crozier and Professor Ben Lupton at Manchester Metropolitan University on a programme of work to evaluate the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. Over three years, this project has involved a two-phase evaluation that examined the impact of the introduction of the Good Employment Charter on participating organisations. Following this work, the GM Charter Toolkit was produced to stimulate reflection and learning both within and across different localities engaged with charter initiatives.

Whilst GMCA’s approach to developing the Good Employment Charter is not the only way, nor necessarily the best way, their experience offers insight to other local and combined authorities that enables them to apply this learning in their development of similar initiatives.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority is one of 14 members of the Inclusive Growth Network.

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Charter toolkit

This charter toolkit presents a broad framework to help navigate the different steps and to act as a sense-checking tool to support those involved in similar initiatives to explore and plan for each stage. Within it, specific resources are provided for each phase of the model including: checklists for key activities, a skills matrix, top tips, and links to further resources.