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Cardiff, the capital of Wales, sits at the heart of the Cardiff Capital Region. Cardiff is a multicultural city with a diverse population. The economy is growing with new jobs in finance, creative industries, life sciences and advanced manufacturing, and visitors are attracted to the strong culture, leisure and public space offer.

Skills levels and health have improved over time, but there are significant inequalities within the city, between neighbourhoods. This includes unemployment, household poverty, poor health outcomes, crime and low educational attainment.

The concept of a fairer city is at the heart of Cardiff Council’s Corporate Plan 2022. This means that the city’s opportunities are accessible to all, poverty is reduced, work is fairly paid, and citizens are valued.

Here are some of the ways that Cardiff is delivering inclusive growth in practice:

Cardiff Comittment

Cardiff Commitment

Ensures that all young people develop the skills and knowledge needed to reach their full potential and contribute to the economic growth of the city through experience of work and learning pathways.

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Cultural regeneration and inclusive growth

Cardiff Council worked with the Centre for Progressive Policy and Metro Dynamics to embed inclusive growth principles into the design, construction, and operation of a new arena at Cardiff Bay. 

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Cardiff Capital Region Challange Fund

Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund

The £10m fund seeks to rebuild local wealth by inviting public sector bodies to develop challenges and connect with organisations that provide innovative solutions to the challenges identified. Drawing on the region’s creativity and ingenuity, the approach brings together the public and private sector to deliver novel solutions, where no commercial solution currently exists.