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The North of Tyne area covers Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland and is made up of coastal communities such as Tynemouth and Berwick, towns like Hexham and North Shields, and rural communities. There is a strong identity based on a common history linked to the region’s industrial and mining heritage. Now there is a fast-growing service sector, world-class universities and R&D, and a growing tourism sector. The combined authority is set to expand in 2024 to include four additional local authorities and become the North East Mayoral Combined Authority.

But despite these opportunities, industrial decline over several decades has resulted in a ‘productivity gap’ of £4 per person per hour between the North East and rest of England. There are lower skills levels, high levels of child poverty, and high health inequalities.

The Combined Authority’s vision is for a dynamic and more inclusive economy. Their Wellbeing Framework sets out an ambitious approach to deliver this through greater social, economic, environmental and democratic wellbeing.

Here are some of the ways that the North of Tyne is delivering inclusive growth in practice:

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Wellbeing Framework

The first combined authority in England to adopt a wellbeing framework that ‘measures what matters’ by identifying the outcomes and indicators that improve collective wellbeing when assessing progress towards inclusive economic growth. 

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Employability Plan: Strengthening our Labour Market

Sets out a strategy to enable more people to enter and stay in work. 

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Good work pledge

Good Work Pledge

An employment charter focused on tackling in-work poverty and improving employment, with five pillars.