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Glasgow is a dynamic Scottish city, sitting at the centre of a metropolitan region that has 34% of all Scottish jobs and generated over £47bn of Scotland’s Gross Value Added pre-pandemic (2019). It is one of the UK’s top-three fastest growing tech investment hubs, has strengths in innovative sectors, and is home to five higher educational institutions. Productivity and employment are rising, whilst economic inactivity is decreasing.

Glasgow can be described as a city of contrasts and continues to face significant challenges. Across the city, 44% of citizens live in areas that are ranked in the 20% most deprived in Scotland. Over 1 in 4 children are growing up in families that live on an average of £121 per week, which is below the poverty line. There are disparities in jobs, housing and health, with challenges around skills levels and underemployment.

To ensure that the benefits of developing the economy are shared across all communities, inclusive growth is one of the three Grand Challenges in Glasgow’s Economic Strategy 2022-2030, together with Enhancing Productivity and The Climate Emergency.

Here are some of the ways that Glasgow is delivering inclusive growth in practice:

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Glasgow Green Deal

As hosts of the United Nations COP26 summit, Glasgow has been recognised for its local leadership in the delivery of a just transition and the city’s Green Deal is framed around an agenda for economic inclusion.

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Glasgow NOLB

No One Left Behind (NOLB)

The NOLB strategy creates a more effective person-centred system for employability delivery. The Council is working with the Local Employability Partnership to put the strategy into practice and is currently writing a delivery plan detailing the implementation of the seven principles of NOLB.

Glasgow Guarentee

Glasgow Guarantee

The Glasgow Guarantee is a highly regarded employment programme which supports Glasgow residents into work and helps local businesses to grow and prosper.