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Bristol, the largest city in the South West, boasts a diverse and high skilled economy with the highest productivity levels, employment and qualification rates of all Core Cities. But Bristol is often referred to as a ‘tale of two cities’, with longstanding social inequalities, pockets of high deprivation and challenges around the availability of housing, cost of living and transport connectivity.

To address these challenges, the One City Plan 2023 sets out a collective vision for Bristol to be a fair, healthy and sustainable city, a city of hope and aspiration, where everyone can share in its success by 2050. Bristol’s key stakeholders are working together on Our City 2030 to break the cycle of inequality by supporting young people from low-income households to secure a median salary role by 2030.

Here are some of the ways that Bristol is delivering inclusive growth in practice:

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Bristol Living Wage City

In 2019, Bristol was named a Living Wage City, one of the first in the UK, helping to uplift over 5,000 employees’ salaries to the real Living Wage. 

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Bristol City Leap

Bristol City Council and its private sector partners have come together around a shared long-term ambition – decarbonisation at a city-wide scale – with social value at its heart. City Leap is a twenty-year joint venture between Bristol City Council, Ameresco and Vattenfall Heat UK which will enable the delivery of over £1bn of investment into Bristol’s energy system.

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Temple Quarter

The collective vision for one of the largest city-centre regeneration programmes in Europe is to create a world-class gateway to a well-connected, innovative and sustainable city. A series of well-connected and thriving mixed-use communities will benefit new and existing residents, employees and visitors with new homes, jobs, infrastructure, and opportunities.